WWE Survivor Series 2022 Predictions: 4 crazy things that can happen on the PPV

WWE are approaching towards their final PPV of the year, Survivor Series, which is all set to take place in Boston on November 26. Instead of a brand versus brand concept, WarGames will headline the upcoming installment of Survivor Series.

The Men’s WarGames Match will main event the show where, Honorary Uce Sami Zayn and The Bloodline will square off with The Brawling Brutes, Drew McIntyre and the returning Kevin Owens.

With Triple H leading the creative department, we can see some shockers on the show. So let’s discuss 4 crazy things that could happen at Survivor Series 2022.


1. The Bloodline loses the Men’s WarGames Match at WWE Survivor Series

If The Bloodline suffers a loss in Survivor Series WarGames, there’s a high possibility that the faction will start falling apart, which would play a significant role in Roman Reigns dropping the titles in the future.

So, keeping that long-term booking in mind, seeds can be planted at the PPV by making The Bloodline lose Men’s WarGames Match.

2. Charlotte Flair returns and confronts Ronda Rousey at WWE Survivor Series

Charlotte Flair was out of WWE programming due to personal reasons, but now she’s expected to return soon.


With Ronda Rousey likely to retain the title against Shotzi, The Queen could reemerge at Survivor Series to confront The Baddest Women on the Planet for the WWE SmackDown Women’s championship.

3. Mustafa Ali gets announced as a 4th participant in The United States Championship Match

Seth Rollins will put his United States Championship on the line in a triple threat challenge against Bobby Lashley and Austin Theory inside TD Garden.

Interestingly, Mustafa Ali was not added to the match despite being in the storyline with Seth Rollins, but it could have been planned intentionally to swerve the crowd by booking a last-minute surprise entry for Ali in the match.


4. Sasha Banks replaces Alexa Bliss on Team Bianca

As Boston city will host this year’s Survivor Series, Triple H would love to bring back the hometown girl Sasha Banks.

As per rumors, Becky Lynch will be the fifth member of Team Bianca, but Sasha Banks could replace Alexa Bliss. WWE can book an angle between Bliss and Bray Wyatt, where the former is possessed and taken away from the arena. When Team Bianca are out for the match, they can be joined by none other than Banks in Boston.


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