Bayley Vs Mercedes Mone In The Ring Again? The WWE Star Opens Up On Dream Rematch Possibility

Mercedes Mone has become a worldwide name in the entertainment industry ever since her infamous WWE exit in 2022. Despite her recent debut in AEW, Mercedes has not yet reached its full potential, although she remains a prominent figure on the roster.

However, it seems that her best friend and current WWE star Bayley is still in high hopes for a future showdown against The CEO at a WWE stage.

In a recent interview with Bernard Colas, Bayley, who is the current WWE Women’s Champion, shared her thoughts on Mercedes Mone’s potential return and the prospect of a WrestleMania showdown between the two Horsewomen.


What did Bayley say about a future showdown with Mercedes Mone?

While The Role Model was onboard with the idea, she did acknowledge that it would take some time to happen.

“In my dreams, it does happen, but you know, time is ticking,” Bayley stated. “However, never say never. Wrestling is so unpredictable. I’ve been thinking about how wild this world is, and I could see it happening someday if she wants. Even if it happens 10 years from now, it could still be special. She said one day, so we’ll see.”

Mercedes Mone’s debut in AEW was a pivotal moment in professional wrestling. Her presence in AEW continues to grow, and she is undoubtedly one of the top stars in the company, becoming the TBS champion at Double or Nothing in her debut match.


On the other hand, Bayley has been a cornerstone of WWE’s women’s division for almost a decade now and continues to be in her prime with her ongoing WWE run.

Moreover, a WrestleMania match between Mercedes Mone and Bayley would be a spectacle for the ages. The Grandest Stage of Them All has been the site of many historic matches, and a showdown between these two rivals would undoubtedly elevate their friendship and rivalry to new heights.

While the match seems difficult at the moment, Bayley aptly put it, “never say never.” Whether it happens sooner or later, the prospect of Mercedes Mone returning to WWE and facing her best friend in a blockbuster showdown at WrestleMania remains an exciting possibility for the wrestling fans.


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