​WWE SummerSlam Early Predictions: 3 Superstars who can challenge Rhea Ripley for Women’s World Championship

Rhea Ripley has been a towering force in terms of WWE history, particularly in the Divas section and such has been her dominance, the WWE universe loves her presence in the arena. Despite being a heel, she is one of those rare wrestlers who can actually make the crowd go gaga. In fact, other WWE wrestlers wanted her to pull off what Chyna did back in her days, as she challenged for the Intercontinental championship.

However, there are very few in the roster right now who can match the sheer force of Rhea Ripley and not only will her opponent have to confront Rhea in a battle in the ring but the mind games that she plays, they have been absolutely brilliant. Here are three divas who can challenge Rhea Ripley in the upcoming Summerslam.

#1 Tegan Nox vs Rhea Ripley can be a show stealer

Tegan Nox is on the rise and she is expected to pull the trigger to greatness shortly. She is well built and matches Rhea Ripley for her power which has been her major source in the ring.



Nox still isn’t exactly well prepared to challenge the title but with the number of days to go for the Summerslam PPV, she may be in contention for what seems like the WWE championship for women.

#2 Beth Phoenix

With her on and off screen time, Beth may return to the screen once again and with the entire locker room still to find a suitable storyline to challenge, the better half of the Rated R Superstar, Beth Phoenix certainly has one last run left in her and obviously her towering stature makes her an absolutely favourite to cross swords with Rhea, particularly citing Judgement Day’s old days when Edge was kicked out of the faction.

#3 Iyo Sky

This won’t be your conventional match but when Rhea Ripley is least expecting, the Money in the Bank champion for women in 2023, Iyo Sky may come knocking on the door, challenging Rhea Ripley with a cash-in. Even before you know, she would just go all guns blazing and the bell would announce that Mami has been challenged.


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