3 likely endings to Lyra Valkyria vs IYO Sky Queen of the Ring 2024 semifinal on WWE RAW

Lyra Valkyria vs IYO Sky will be one of the marquee matches happening on this week’s WWE RAW episode. The roaring success of WWE’s last PLE, Backlash France has set the tone for another enthralling show coming up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on May 25, WWE King and Queen of The Ring. As the name suggests, the event will see the crowning of a new King and Queen at the Jeddah Superdome.

Speaking about the women’s side, NXT upstart Lyra Valkyria has displayed impressive showing at the start of her tenure at RAW, reaching the semi-finals. However, standing in her way is The Genius of the Skies, IYO Sky who is also gunning for the prestige crown and title of the Queen of the Ring. With both women set to collide in the semi-finals of the tournament on the upcoming edition of RAW, here are three possible finishes for the match:

1. Damage CTRL ensures IYO Sky’s win

As one can expect, IYO Sky would be backed and accompanied by her Damage CTRL members, Dakota Kai and Kairi Sane for her semi-final match. This could prove to be a disadvantage for Lyra Valkyria who would ultimately succumb to the number’s game through multiple distractions and interferences by Damage CTRL.



This would give IYO Sky the opening to capitalize and score the win to head to the finals of the Queen of the Ring tournament.

2. Lyra Valkyria wins clean vs IYO Sky

Lyra Valkyria is out to prove that she belongs in the big leagues following her successful tenure in NXT. After an impressive performance in the tournament, the former NXT Women’s Champion could use her in-ring acumen and prowess to outlast IYO Sky in a one-on-one clean fight and literally move one step closer to the Queen of the Ring crown.

3. Becky Lynch evens the field for Lyra Valkyria

While it is expected that Lyra Valkyria might be pitted against the numbers game of Damage CTRL to support IYO Sky, the former NXT standout could find herself backup with the same woman she dethroned for the NXT Women’s Title last year and her fellow Irish girl, The Man Becky Lynch.



Much like Lyra has done for Becky in the past few weeks, she could return the favor by neutralizing the threat of Damage CTRL and Valkyria in clinching the win over IYO Sky.

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