Explained: What Bayley Said In Japanese To IYO Sky on WWE SmackDown

In the latest electrifying episode of SmackDown, the WWE Universe was surprised as Bayley, the seasoned 34-year-old star, dropped a bombshell regarding her WrestleMania 40 opponent. Initially teasing a clash with Rhea Ripley, Bayley took the audience by surprise with a sudden face turn, redirecting her focus towards the formidable duo of IYO SKY and The Kabuki Warriors—Asuka and Kairi Sane.

Bayley found herself in the crosshairs of IYO SKY and The Kabuki Warriors, who launched a sudden assault. However, this seasoned WWE veteran swiftly countered with a powerful steel pipe attack. The unexpected turn of events left SKY and The Kabuki Warriors no choice but to retreat from the ring.

After the intense encounter, Bayley confidently proclaimed herself as the contender to the WWE Women’s Champion at WrestleMania 40. The subsequent segment of the show has created ripples across the WWE universe, gaining widespread attention and a positive response from fans.


Multilingual Mastery of WWE star Bayley

Adding a layer of twist to the storyline, Bayley addressed IYO SKY and The Kabuki Warriors in Japanese during her promotional appearance. This unexpected linguistic twist has sparked curiosity among fans, eager to decipher the content of her message.

In a dazzling moment of her promotional speech, Bayley addressed IYO SKY and The Kabuki Warriors in Japanese. Since that unexpected burst of Japanese, fans have been buzzing with curiosity about what she actually said. It turns out, The Role Model uttered the phrase “watashi wakaru yo,” which translates to “I understand” or “I know” in English. The mystery of Bayley’s Japanese proclamation has been decoded!


The significance of Bayley’s response lies in its reversal of the power dynamic. The once-mocked now stands strong, utilizing language as a tool for empowerment and asserting dominance over her adversaries. This unexpected twist in communication has set the stage for an enthralling narrative as SmackDown unfolds in the coming weeks. As the weeks progress on SmackDown, the evolving dynamics of this newfound rivalry promise to captivate the WWE audience.

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