​WWE Money in the Bank 2023 predictions: 5 possible finishes to men’s MITB ladder match

With the WWE Money in the Bank 2023 inching closer to us, the craze, the predictions, the anticipation and the excitement is booming through the roof. As the six men who will be participating in the contest have been confirmed, the next obvious and the more predominant question is who wins the Ladder match and bags the MITB contract.

As the questions get louder, here are five possible finishes to the Ladder match that is the main attraction of the PPV, setting the right tone for the rest of the night and also the remainder of the year where the champion gets teased around as per the contract holder’s will and obviously the storyline set.

#1 WWE Money in the Bank 2023 predictions – Shinsuke Nakamura clinches the contract

The King of Strong Style has been doing all sorts of right noises and if things go right, Shinsuke Nakamura would probably be back in business. He was off action for a long time despite not being injured.


Some discussion must have gone on between the industry heads and Nakamura and it has to be big that kept him pacified without any action. Well, what if this is the moment?

#2 LA Knight knocks Damian Priest over from the top of the ladder and then gets bashed by the Judgement Day

In a battle where LA Knight almost will be on the cusp of greatness, he will need some handicapped crushing from another wrestler of faction to be denied. Knight is obviously in red hot form, and he would be hoping to carry the same form forward.

In order to put such a rising bundle of energy to the bed, in all likelihood, after LA Knight smashes Damian Priest, he will be chained down by the remaining members of the Judgement Day to stop him from getting the briefcase.


#3 Santos Escobar levels Butch from the very top of the ladder in the Money in the Bank

When in a ladder match, expect a few bones to be broken and so a few ladders too. Santos Escobar and Butch can meet each other in a face-off at the top of the ladder and when the two sees in each other’s eyes, expect sparks to fly, and the two rolling down all the way from the ladder, let’s just say another wow moment. One of them could go down and the other could win the contract.

#4 WWE Money in the Bank 2023 predictions – Ricochet takes down everyone in the battle

It is still unclear that who will win but Ricochet has been in dream touch, and he would stun anyone who would come in his way for this title. Even though that doesn’t guarantee anything, but he is generating quite a few pops from the WWE Universe, and it won’t be surprising if he is involved in that final climb, beating everyone else.

#5 Ricochet and Shinsuke Nakamura collide at the top of the ladder, LA Knight steals the win

Ricochet and Shinsuke Nakamura are probably the hottest favorites to clinch the contract and expect them to bring the roof down if needed.


The two are in dream form and the crowd would love it if two faces go on against each other, a rare sight in the history of WWE but every time this has happened, a generational gem has been produced, and LA Knight can sneak in there to steal a smart win.

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