4 WWE Superstars who can finally end Logan Paul’s US Championship reign

The era of Logan Paul as the WWE United States Champion extended beyond WrestleMania XL, as he used some questionable yet legal tactics and some assistance from popular YouTuber, IShowSpeed to keep the star-spangled prize in his grasp.

Despite The Maverick’s career running at an all-time high considering his run as champion and hydration brand, PRIME being the center ring sponsor of all WWE PLEs, as they say, all good things must come to an end and same can be said for Logan Paul’s US title reign. So here are 5 WWE superstars who could put an end to the same:

1. LA Knight

LA Knight is coming off a huge victory, defeating a veteran in AJ Styles at WrestleMania XL and gaining momentum. All that is needed for The Megastar to cement his place as a top attraction and elevate his popularity further is a championship run. Moreover, it was much speculated that LA Knight would be competing for a championship at WrestleMania XL, only for those plans to fall through.


But things could take a turn for The Megastar in a huge encounter with Logan Paul at a major WWE PLE where he could dethrone him and become the new WWE United States Champion.

2. Kevin Owens

Amongst all competitors in the locker room, Kevin Owens is the only person who knows every tactic used by Logan Paul to preserve his championship reign after feuding with him for months and even being a part of the triple threat match at WrestleMania XL. Owens could use that to his advantage to prepare for a one-on-one match against The Maverick and seize the moment to put an end to his title reign in the future.

3. Gunther can become next WWE US Champion

Following the end of his record-setting WWE Intercontinental Title reign at the hands of Sami Zayn at WrestleMania XL, Gunther could switch brands courtesy of the WWE Draft and look for new bastions. That could come in the form of a heated feud between him and Logan Paul, leading to The Ring General capturing a new title and looking to set a new record with the United States Title much like he did with the Intercontinental Title.


4. Andrade El Idolo can become next WWE US Champion

Andrade El Idolo’s second run has been off to an impressive start in WWE, claiming multiple singles wins followed by his first WrestleMania appearance and victory alongside WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio last week. Brought in from AEW as a top prospect by WWE CCO Triple H, El Idolo’s run could be taken to new heights following a rivalry with social media sensation Logan Paul over his US title.

Putting the title on Andrade would position him as a top-tier attraction on any WWE show and begin his ascend to heights that he did not achieve during his first WWE tenure.


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