Why Did Lionel Messi Leave Barcelona?

Here is everything that you need to know about the separate paths of Lionel Messi and Barcelona

Despite Lionel Messi now evolving as a staple for PSG, he had a pedestrian season for the French stalwarts in his arrival at Parc des Princes. Honestly, speaking, things went south with the Catalans in the dying embers and overnight the world went berserk at the fact that Lionel Messi, the man who had linked himself with the unrivalled rise of the Catalans will be parting ways with the club.


Honestly, even Messi never had the faintest idea of what was to unfold but once the hammer fell, things were pretty crystal clear for the Argentine marksman. It was a forced move nevertheless and despite the anger from the Barcelona fans, Messi had to find his footballing career a new place to arrest what could have been a slump into an endless decline.

Here is what Lionel Messi had to say about leaving Barcelona

It was all set that Messi will be signing for Barcelona after returning from Copa America. Sadly, destiny had other things in store for the big man. He was heard quoting, “Honestly, not at all. I came back to Barcelona to prepare for the season after making the most of a few extra days off that the manager had given me.”


He further quoted, “My idea was to sign my contract and then start training again straight away. I thought everything was sorted and that it was just missing my signature [on the contract]. But when I arrived in Barcelona I was told that it wasn’t possible anymore, that I couldn’t stay and that I had to find myself another club, because Barcelona didn’t have the means to renew my contract. It shook up my plans.”

Messi was absolutely gutted about his surroundings and the love he had and has for Barcelona made it harder for the little magician to leave. He also talked about the difficulty of leaving the city that has been home for almost two decades and moving his family to another city.

He said that the kids had to leave their home and a new school awaited them. There were a lot of things that went on in his head but he was running short of ideas and had to react to the latest incidents.


On agreeing on a deal with PSG, he quoted, “Barcelona published a statement saying I wasn’t going to continue, and from that moment on I was asking myself where I was going to end up. I had to find a new club to continue my career. I was lucky to be contacted by various clubs and one of them was Paris Saint-Germain.”

He further quoted, “I’m grateful to the club because, from the beginning, they treated me well. They showed that they really wanted me and took care of me. I thank them and I’m really happy to be here today. I had other offers, but I have to admit that we came to an agreement quite quickly with PSG.”

Messi concluded by saying that he was convinced by the mindset of the players and the possible goal of the team towards a decent forward stride. Even though the move had to be completed in one day, it went as smoothly as it could and he was grateful for the same.



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