Who is Jon Moxley’s wife? All you need to know about AEW Interview Girl Renee Paquette

Renee Young has been a popular name in the WWE Universe for her interviews and her mic skills with the wrestlers however, outside the WWE roster, she is now known as Renee Paquette, also the wife of Jon Moxley aka Dean Ambrose. She was also WWE’s first female commentator, and her work was impeccable to send the entire WWE Universe in a frenzy.

However, given the fact that she would often work backstage instead of commentary, not all the facts about her were exactly spilled on the screen. Hence, here is a story that would tell you five facts about Renee that you should know, particularly if you are a fan of her crazy mic skills.

#1 Renee Paquette has appeared in a Kelly Clarkson music video

Renee has made her appearance in a music video of Kelly Clarkson that goes by the name of “Behind These Hazel Eyes” which was released way back in 2005. It was a cameo that she pulled off but then again that small role was with the singer herself.


#2 Renee Paquette actually wanted to be an actor

Renee’s appearance in the music video isn’t just a fluke. Before she joined entertainment wrestling, she had her own wishes of being an actor. Even though she did give up on the path, yet her wishes kept on going bright until entertainment wrestling actually happened. She came to the hosting world because she needed jobs while searching for acting gigs.

#3 Renee has already made her movie appearance

Not as a main role but she did bag her ticket to movies as he has already appeared on the screens in the world of cinema as well. She didn’t appear as a wrestler in the ring but she made her presence felt in the movie as a commentator which is her natural role. The movie is called “Main Event” and is on Netflix. It portrayed the struggles of a wrestler.

#4 She has bagged her American citizenship

Despite being born in Canada, she had to find her American Citizenship with a decent amount of wait. She continued delivering her trade as a Canadian but in March 2021, she was finally granted the American citizenship and this was also a very special moment in her life as she posted this on social media as well.


#5 She has an avid interest in cooking

Knowing the sport, ever so well, Renee Paquette racked up a storm over the mic but guess what, her culinary skills are just equally brilliant. She has her own cookbook that features plenty of fun recipes that everyone can enjoy. She is an all-rounder in and out of the wrestling ring and Renee Paquette continues to drive her fans in an ecstatic display of her brilliance.

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