3 superstars whom Triple H can target to get on board for WWE

WWE has been doing an amazing job of announcing superstar returns or possibly adding newer names to the list of the current superstars and every single return that has been added under the reign of Hunter of late has been an absolute hit. Notably the inclusion of CM Punk and Randy Orton was done with such precision under the supervision of Triple H, that was absolutely mind-blowing.

With all of that being said, are there newer superstars or former WWE icons who can be reintroduced into the mix? The answer will obviously be a Yes. But if WWE chooses to do this, who should be the ones hitting their stride in the WWE industry? Here are three possible names.

#1 Jon Moxley should return to WWE

Formerly known as Dean Ambrose, Jon Moxley has been the new face of brutality in AEW. In fact, Dean Ambrose himself was one of the finest names to wreak havoc in the WWE ring. As per the latest contract extension with AEW, Moxley was signed until 2027. But then this is WWE and we have seen things happening in the past. In case if Triple H starts tinkering around, who knows, our Lunatic Fringe maybe back again?


#2 Maxwell Jacob Friedman

MJF has not been seen on television ever since his defeat at the hands of Samoa Joe at the World’s End. It was reported that he had a legitimately torn labrum that happened on the back of a hip injury while battling Jay White. As things stand, speculations continue to swirl around his reinclusion to the roster of AEW. In case if he is not making a comeback to Tony Khan’s promotion, Triple H may very well get hold of him.

#3 Matt Riddle

Someone who was terribly underused and didn’t get a proper storyline for himself, the Original Bro can be an absolute asset to the company. That is why Triple H should spend all the bucks to get Riddle back. Riddle is currently signed to Major League Wrestling but when it comes to talent and agility, he is one of the most reckoning forces of the industry.


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