​Who is AJ Styles’ wife? All you need to know about Wendy Jones

AJ Styles has been driving the names in the WWE roster for a while now and before he made all the right ripples in WWE, he was a staple of Impact Wrestling. He was probably of the greatest character arcs in TNA but somehow his bookings in WWE have kept on oscillating between the highs and lows. Well, they say behind every successful man there is a woman and for AJ Styles, that woman goes by the name of Wendy Jones.

Who is Wendy Jones? How did they meet? How did the wheels get into motion in the first place? Well, they say that it’s a long story. Maybe for us, it is but for them it is just another wonderful, romantic and beautiful love story that took shape through countless tribulations. Here are five facts that you must know about Wendy Jones.

#1 Who is Wendy Jones?

AJ Styles is currently espoused with his long-term enamour, Wendy Etris who is now known as Wendy Jones. This is the 23rd year of them being together as they got hitched in the year 2000.


#2 What is the age of Wendy?

Wendy Jones was born in North Carolina, 1978 in the United States. She is currently 45 years old but her presence and ebullient nature would make you feel as if she is a youngster rocking the show with her own song.

#3 Net Worth of Wendy Jones

Contrary to AJ Styles, Wendy Jones is not in the athletic profession. She enlightens kids and she does that through a very robust medium in teaching. Noble, isn’t it? Her net worth is close to $1 million.

#4 Her profession in details

Wendy Jones is a high school teacher by calling and her enthusiasm about teaching people has been one of her major mottos since her very young days. She did take part in the short storylines in TNA and even in WWE and all of it for her better half. AJ Styles has always said that Wendy has been one of her major inspirations throughout.


#5 How did it all start and how is going for both?

Wendy and AJ are high-school lovers, giving shape to a form of romance that would frequently fizzle away for most of the people once they grow up. AJ proposed Wendy on Valentine’s Day 1996 and the latter gleefully accepted. On August 5th, 2000, the couple got hitched after four years of dating. The couple has been together for 23 years now and they have four kids including three sons and a girl. Their three sons are namely Ajay Covell Jones, Avery Jones and Albey Jones while Anney Jones was the youngest kid in the family.

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