2 WWE Superstars Who Must Build A Long Term Feud With Gunther

Gunther has been one of the finest forces in WWE recently and ever since his championship run leading Imperium to glory, he has been a force to reckon with. However, as truth would have it, somehow, he has failed to build up a long feud that usually sets someone into the frame of greatness.

Going by his fighting skills, his promos and his prowess of leading a villainous stable, he has been incredible. But with short storylines and feuds, somehow the emotional factor that eventually brings out the historic storylines kind of vanishes. Here are two superstars who can forge a long feud with the Ring General, Gunther.

#1 Shinsuke Nakamura vs Gunther will be an epic feud

It has been a while since we have seen the King rocking and rolling his way to the top. He has been used lately as an expendable to the rise of many superstars but somehow that majestic set-up with a proper storyline in place where Nakamura can keep on going toe-to-toe with his opposition has been missing.


Nakamura has been incredible in terms of wrestling and as a result deserves the push again, if not in a storyline for championship but at least in a rivalry that fans would love, and Gunther is the perfect fit. Nakamura’s devious nature pitted against Gunther’s enforcing wrestling flair sets this battle up like none other.


#2 AJ Styles


Like Nakamura, even AJ Styles have been a part of shorter bouts and that is somewhat marring his persona. The phenomenal one deserves way better and should be one of the leading story arcs in the wrestling industry. His fighting style is also different from that of Gunther. If these two can be brought face to face, maybe and just maybe this is going to be a treat for the wrestling universe.

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