What Went Wrong With Matt Riddle? Analyzing His WWE Release

The news of Matt Riddle’s recent departure from WWE shocked the wrestling world, sparking a rush of comments and conversations regarding the controversy-filled career he had. However, one particular social media post stirred up significant attention when Riddle’s former girlfriend, Daniella Petrow, openly expressed “tears of joy” upon hearing about his WWE departure, setting off a chain reaction of responses.

In a surprising turn of events, Misha Montana, who had previously voiced her criticisms of Daniella Petrow’s reaction to Riddle’s release, found herself on the receiving end of a passionate rebuttal from Petrow. Using X (formerly Twitter) as her platform, Daniella Petrow responded to Montana with a series of tweets, wherein she made some startling allegations. She concluded by blaming Misha Montana for the decline and loss of control of Matt Riddle.

“Can anyone explain to me when did Matt get 5 children? I know 1 is unborn but 3 w Lisa …so is my math wrong? and can someone also explain to me I didn’t know WWE was the only job parents can have to support their children… When did WWE become the only job out there?!?” Matt Riddle’s ex-girlfriend tweeted. 



What’s next for Matt Riddle after WWE release?

The controversy-plagued background of Matt Riddle’s departure from WWE was there throughout his tenure with the organization. Numerous incidents, notably the famous JFK Airport incident, ruined his career. Riddle’s involvement in a leaked private video further added to the tumultuous period, which was punctuated by his rehabilitation stay, sidelining him from in-ring action for a significant portion of 2022.

The WWE has concluded Matt Riddle’s adventure, but the wrestling community is anxiously anticipating his next step.

WWE has left the door slightly ajar for the possibility of rehiring some of the released talent, and in approximately 90 days, Riddle will be free to explore fresh opportunities beyond the confines of WWE. As wrestling enthusiasts keep a watchful eye on developments, only time will reveal the next chapter in the career of the King of Bros.


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