“We can smell the Evolution knocking on the doors”, Twitter makes the wildest of picks for the latest inclusion of the WWE Hall of Fame

WWE Hall of Fame: One of the most exciting parts of WWE WrestleMania, rather the road to the grandest event in Entertainment Wrestling’s history is the announcement of the Hall of Famers who would eventually be rewarded for their lifelong services to not just WWE but also to humanity, to life and most importantly to making this world a much better place to live in.


The recent addition to the WWE Hall of Fame was Rey Mysterio who had fought his life out in the ring and still continues to sneak in cameos.

Going by the latest Tweet of WWE, they will be announcing the latest addition to the prized board of inductees on Wednesday at 1 PM ET. Obviously the guesses have started flying high and the speculations are rife about who can be the next big name. However, in order to spice things up, drum up the entertainment, WWE is bringing to the table, the two time Hall of Famer, the 16-time WWE champion, Ric Flair as the special guest.


Ric Flair recently found himself in the midst of some serious controversy after calling out Dutch Mantel, who is more popularly known amongst the current generation as Zeb Colter who was seen alongside Jack Swagger during the early half of the last decade. The fans weren’t particularly happy about Flair insulted Mantel, referring to the fact that he was renowned in his own capacity and had his glory days in the industry.

Here is what Twitter had to say about the latest induction into the WWE Hall of Fame

Twitter went berserk after the announcement was made as the comments section was mixed between the ones who wanted to talk about Flair while the others taking wild guesses at the possible inductees into the WWE Hall of Fame. Here is what Twitter predicted about the latest inclusion to the prized board.


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