[Watch] When Kevin Owens hilariously imitated Randy Orton’s entrance and then fleed to locker room

As the noise for Randy Orton’s return to the ring gets louder, an old video resurfaced that is leaving WWE Universe in splits. Ideally, that was character breaking but in the serious world of kayfabe, you would hardly see someone break their character to make the audience laugh. Not only did Kevin Owens imitate Randy Orton hilariously but the way he ran towards the entrance, that was nothing short of a kid running away home.

We are all aware of the fact that both Kevin Owens and Randy Orton are excellent fighters and have crafted a legacy that will make people admire in awe. As per the latest statures of Kev, he continues to dominate the top cards for a while where he has been feuding with the likes of Bloodline and the Judgment Day.

Here is where you can watch the video of Kevin Owens and Randy Orton coming together for a comic act

Not only has he been fighting like an absolute champ but his mic skills have gone onto rekindle words of former WWE legends.


Now coming to Randy Orton, he has been out of WWE for a while now and there is a high probability that he may come back to the ring as the fifth member of the Team Cody for the all-important Wargames match-up in WWE Survivor Series.

With that being said, in an old video, the two were in action but not in a match-up. Kevin Owens was heading back to the locker room from his individual battle while Randy Orton was just entering for his. That iconic handspread pose of his was being done by the Apex Predator in the other end of the ring while the audience was entertained by KO at the other end.

Kevin Owens replicated Randy Orton in his exact pose and then when Randy saw him, he immediately skipped down from the rope and ran away towards the locker room. Well in the brutal world of wrestling or kayfabe, a few laughs are needed. You can watch the full video here.



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