3 Reasons why Carmelo Hayes can be the next big thing in WWE

Carmelo Hayes made his initial appearance on the latest episode of WWE Smackdown where he went toe-to-toe with Austin Theory, and it resulted in a no contest considering the fact that both were injured. The two went all guns blazing at each other, trying to nip at each other’s throat, eventually realizing that there was no point baring it all out.

With that being said, Carmelo Hayes certainly is a leading name in the industry and has been doing ripples for a while now in the developmental brand of WWE, called WWE NXT. His chemistry with Trick Williams and his ability to play a character outside the storyline has made him a fan favourite. What makes Carmelo the contender for the next big thing in the industry? Here are three reasons.

#1 Carmelo Hayes takes almost inhuman workload

The workload shared by Carmelo Hayes shows why he is one of the best in the industry. Not only does he battle with heart in his mouth, but he ensures that he is warring like an absolute champion. The way he navigates all the leaps and splashes, all the theatrics in the ring, makes him a picture-perfect guy for the next big thing in the industry.


#2 His true on-screen character

Carmelo is perfectly bound by characters altogether. He doesn’t play a face or a heel. He fights like one would in real life, keeping his storylines to the point. It isn’t about drama for Carmelo. For him it is about winning the belt and he does the job brilliantly which makes him a value addition for the upcoming days of WWE.

#3 His ability to cut promos

Carmelo makes quite a promo-cutter with his mic skills being sharp enough that would cut through people’s character like steel. He doesn’t hesitate and he doesn’t pull back. He goes all guns blazing at them and he hurts them most where it hurts. There is not mincing words for the young champion. The WWE universe absolutely loves this gimmick.


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