Watch: Elite commentary of former Zimbabwean bowler Pommie Mbangwa during the last minutes of Pakistan Vs Zimbabwe thriller

Zimbabwe beat Pakistan by one run in their second group game of T20 World Cup 2022

While the Pakistan Vs Zimbabwe game in the T20 World Cup 2022 remained a matter of much discussion among cricket fans on Twitter yesterday because of the eventual outcome of the game, which against all odds, went in Zimbabwe’s favor, but one of the other stand-out things in the game was the commentary of the former Zimbabwean pacer Pommie Mbangwa in the latter stage of the game, which was very tensed.

Pommie Mbangwa is one of the best cricket commentators in the world anyway, but he was at his absolute best while narrating the proceedings off the last ball of the Pakistan Vs Zimbabwe game where Shaheen Afridi was face Brad Evans and Pakistan needed 3 runs to win the game and two runs to tie.

It was a hard-length delivery, as expected, and Shaheen Afridi couldn’t time the ball properly. The long-on fielder was not right back at the boundary but was a few yards up and he was able to get to the ball quickly, released the throw and while the wicketkeeper fumbled a bit, he eventually took the bails off to ensure Pakistan completed just one run and lost the game by one run.


Zimbabwe was dead and half-buried at halfway mark: Pommie Mbangwa

Pommie Mbangwa, who was on air when that last delivery was bowled, didn’t just narrate the event off the last ball perfectly, but he summed up the whole game perfectly and let the viewers know how Zimbabwe managed to come back into the game when at the half-way mark it seemed as if the game was done and dusted.

In the words of Mbangwa, Zimbabwe was “dead and half-buried” in the mid-innings break as they could just get to 130 in 20 overs and although the pitch was tricky, the target seemed gettable for Pakistan. But, somehow with the help of the tall bowlers and the bounce that the surface had to offer in Perth, Zimbabwe didn’t just come back, they ended up winning the game.



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