WATCH: David Warner Went Beyond The Advertisement Board To Sign A Fan’s Cap

In the world of cricket, where every move of a player is scrutinized, analyzed, and often criticized, Australian opener David Warner managed to create quite a buzz during the second ODI in Indore. His decision to switch his batting stance to right-handed while facing Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin left fans and experts equally puzzled and intrigued.

In the 13th over of Australia’s unsuccessful run chase at the Holkar Stadium, the 36-year-old cricket sensation did something unexpected. He took guard on his less preferred side, adopting a right-handed stance, all in an attempt to counter Ashwin’s off-spin deliveries.

As Warner faced a delivery from Ashwin, he skillfully directed it towards point, earning himself a single. But what caught everyone’s attention was the next move – a powerful sweep shot that sent the ball racing through backward square for a boundary. The dugout, including fellow teammate Pat Cummins, erupted in amusement at this audacious move.


However, the excitement was short-lived as Warner’s unconventional tactic took a bizarre turn. In Ashwin’s following over, Warner attempted a reverse sweep but lost his balance, collapsing on the pitch. The umpire had no hesitation in raising his finger, signalling Warner’s dismissal as LBW (Leg Before Wicket) for a score of 53 runs from just 39 balls.

Warner’s dismissal left fans and cricket enthusiasts in shock. On the surface, it appeared to be an amateurish mistake – a superstar batsman attempting a high-risk shot and failing spectacularly. However, upon closer examination, there may be more to this incident than meets the eye.

Replays of the dismissal indicated a faint inside edge onto Warner’s pads, raising questions about whether he was genuinely out. Despite this, Warner chose not to review the decision, accepting his fate and walking back to the pavilion.


Another heartwarming incident happened when Australia were fielding in the first innings. David Warner made a heartwarming gesture as he went beyond the advertisement boards to sign his cap for a fan during the second ODI.

WATCH: David Warner Went Beyond The Advertisement Board To Sign A Fan’s Cap

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