” Virat Kohli will score 110 centuries”, Shoaib Akhtar comes up with a massive prediction about Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is currently going through the toughest phase in his career. He is struggling to make runs and is also receiving criticism from all corners. Amidst this, former cricketer Shoaib Akhtar has come in support of the player. He even made a big prediction about the former India skipper. In this article, we take a look as Shoaib Akhtar comes up with a massive prediction about Virat Kohli.


Shoaib Akhtar comes up with a massive prediction about Virat Kohli

Akhtar, in the interview, felt that too many experts are speaking about Virat and requested them to leave him alone. He also said that Virat will come back to form.

Speaking on Sportskeeda, the former speedster said, “Virat Kohli has to score 110 centuries, Virat Kohli will score 110 centuries and I want 110 centuries from Virat and this is my bet with Virat Kohli.” He further added, “I want him to score 110 centuries in international cricket. I want him to play till the age of 45. This tough situation is preparing you for 110 centuries.”


At the moment, Sachin Tendulkar holds the record for most international centuries. The Master Blaster has 100 centuries to his name. Ricky Ponting holds second place with 71 centuries while Virat is at 70. It was back in November 2019 that Virat Kohli last scored a century. Hence, since then, he has stayed at No.3.

A challenging road ahead for the former India skipper

As seen in the recent IPL, the upcoming journey is going to be hard for Virat Kohli. In almost every game that he plays, there will be too many eyes on him. Moreover, Virat is finding new ways to get out and is also exposing a lot of weaknesses for bowlers to exploit. Within Team India, as well, the competition for places is intense. If not now, that aspect will also play on Virat’s mind within a few months.


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