Top 5 finest WrestleMania entrances of all time

When we talk about WrestleMania, one of the finest things that gets discussed are the grand entrances. From Triple H to Undertaker, from John Cena to Shawn Michaels, from the New Day to CM Punk, from Stone Cold Steve Austin to the Rock, all the superstars have ensured that it gets covered up for all the good reasons.

As WrestleMania XL comes closer, here’s a quick reminder of the fact, ranking the entrances of the iconic wrestlers over the period of time. Going by our perspective, here are the five finest WrestleMania entrances of all time.

#5 Shawn Michaels descends from the heavens – WrestleMania 25

The Heartbreak Kid has always been a fan favourite and his entrances were equally brilliant. In WrestleMania 25 the finest match which also remains a historic clash was that of Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. After unloading hell, Taker got the better of HBK and what followed suit was absolute destruction. However, the entrance, where he descended from the heavens to set foot on a platform as smoke covered it all, that was an answer to Taker’s dark gimmick.


#4 Charlotte Flair arrives wrapped in royalty – WrestleMania 34

You need to have wrestling coursing through your veins in order to pull off what Charlotte did. From storming through the gates with gold wraps to leading the charge with your bedazzling brilliance, Charlotte walked down the ramp with her golden royalty, eventually making this one of thee biggest moments for women in WrestleMania history.

#3 Triple H brings out the King of Kings – WrestleMania 30

The Game will obviously be one of the leading acts when we talk about entrances. From Motorhead performing live to taking Stephanie on a WWE cruiser, Hunter has done it all. However, WrestleMania 30 was very special and there he showed it to the world, what he is capable of. Putting up a royal appearance with the husk on him, nothing gets better.

#2 John Cena and a thousand Cenas – WrestleMania 25

It was the 25th anniversary of WrestleMania and Cena came booming down through a line of his clones as WWE will never forget that entrance. The entire world was buzzing and then Cena’s music hit. Rolling down the ramp like a ball of fire, Cena left the audience with countless oomphs and aahs and what followed suit was stuff of gold.


#1 Taker rises from the Dead – WrestleMania 29

From depicting how he has braved countless opponents pulling him back, as they say walking through the valley of death, somewhat like John Constantine, Taker nailed this move and did this like a hero of the highest order. He walked with his head held high, spikes coming off his back and as they say a phenom does, ravaging all souls along the way, Taker was no different.

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