WWE WrestleMania XL Predictions: 5 possible finishes to Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes II

As WrestleMania XL nears us, the speculations are blowing through the roof and obviously one particular match that will be doing the rounds is the main event of the contest. Cody Rhodes, the American Nightmare will be going head on against the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns. This match also happened in the last edition of WrestleMania but Roman walked out victorious.

So will it be any different this time? Actually, it has all the ingredients which suggest that it can possibly be different and finally after a long run, Roman Reigns may have to hand over the title. Here are five possibilities of how this match may end.

#1 Cody Rhodes pins Roman Reigns clean


This is the most obvious result that you may expect and this is also an attempt by WWE to try and eclipse one of the best moments in WM history where Daniel Bryan braved inhuman odds to lift the World Heavyweight Championship. Cody will be pinning Roman Reigns in the center of the ring, eventually finishing his reign once and for all.

#2 The Rock turns face again assisting Cody Rhodes

There is a high chance that the Rock will be leaving the company again being a face when he turns his back on Roman Reigns and assists Cody Rhodes to notch up the championship. However, if this has to happen, Cody has to take a dive, has to tolerate almost merciless beating and eventually suffer a pipebomb from the Great One before he finally sees the audience rallying behind him and the People’s champ too.


#3 Roman Reigns on the brink of a pin and Solo Sikoa levels everyone paving Cody’s path

One of the biggest forces of the Bloodline is certainly the Enforcer, Roman Reigns. It would have been a feisty battle between Sikoa and Reigns. This is a brilliant chance for Solo to pull that off. Just when Roman is about to pin Cody for the win, Solo intervenes, goes for the Spike and levels up Reigns and then he very silently leaves, staring back at Cody.

#4 Stone Cold Steve Austin comes down the pike one more time when the Rock has Cody in his corner

Believe this or not but the biggest pop will definitely rain down upon the fans when the music of the Texas Rattle Snake hits. Stone Cold Steve Austin has fought an iconic rivalry against the Rock in the ring for years and no bigger stage for him to make a footfall than the WrestleMania. Just when it would feel hopeless for Cody with the Rock overwhelming him, SCSA may very well join the party.

#5 Paul Heyman betrays Roman Reigns

With Roman getting a lot more persistent with his demands, Paul Heyman may finally call it a day with the Tribal Chief and decide to join Solo for a new Bloodline where even the Rock agrees, leaving Roman Reigns stranded and against an absolute army of legends. Talk about betrayals in the grandest stages of all, and make no mistake, this will go down in history.


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