Dominik has played his part in the Judgment Day to perfection. It’s time for him to adapt now.

With the Judgment Day coming to a possible end as the signs are blaring louder than ever, if there is one character that now remains in question, that is of Dominik Mysterio. Why exactly Dominik though?

Well, the villainous faction called JD gained its utmost infamous popularity with the presence of Damian Priest, Dominik Mysterio, Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley. Rhea is out of contention with an injury which means there is no leader currently.

Damian Priest is more focused on the championship around his waist. Finn Balor has already proven himself time and time again as the solitary warrior and his clash with the Edge in a singles match was simply mind-blowing. JD McDonaugh hasn’t exactly been the reckoning force yet.


During his days in the Judgment Day, Dominik Priest was successful in creating an infamous name for himself and he can yet rake the crowd like none other. Which means it is time for Dominik to either adapt to the changing circumstances or he will have to find an opening as an individual wrestler or possibly lead another faction.

We still don’t know what is going to be the case even though he continues to carry the Judgment Day baton almost single-handedly now. But then the popularity that he has racked up over the years, that is absolutely crazy. He may not have walked his father’s footsteps but he has certainly carved his own.

So what are the possible changes that Dominik may go through? He will have to realize that he is no longer the kid who walks under Mami or Rey. He has carved a personality for himself and now its time for him to create an own niche. He will have to walk the path of his father in terms of experience but create something entirely of his own. Only time shall tell, what are we possibly looking at.


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