“The Casemiro Transfer Proves That We Can Complete Deals Quickly”, Twitter Reacts About The Anticipated Move Of Casemiro To Manchester United

Casemiro to Manchester United: In the case of every transfer signing, especially the big ones where incredulity does further rounds than the actual material inside, somehow the world has taken Fabrizio Romano as the godfather of all of the latest information. As soon as he posted “here we go” about the Tank, Casemiro, the Manchester United fans were beyond elated.

For the first time in the last 3-4 years, Manchester United fans have reason to believe that this can be a game-changing signing for the Devils. After a shambolic defeat at the hands of Brentford in last week’s contest, Erik Ten Hag made it clear that he was going behind those signings that would bolster United’s case in the current edition of the tournament.

Here is what Twitter had to say about Casemiro to Manchester United

One of Manchester’s major issues was that of their holding duo of the McFred pair that struggled cluelessly and in the two opening games of the season dished out a performance that can be made culpable for the major slip-ups of the Devils.


With Liverpool on the prowl, United will have to come to the contest with their best if they are to keep any hope of staving away a humiliation, especially with the big names doing some serious rounds, featuring Mohammed Salah and Virgil van Dijk.

After almost three days of intense discussions, Manchester United was able to coax the Brazilian tank, Casemiro in joining the outfit that would provide a major uplift in the development.

Going by the latest tweet of Fabrizio Romano, it quoted, “Casemiro to Man United, here we go! Real Madrid accepted all details of the bid, and clubs preparing contracts right now. €60m fixed fee, €10m add-ons. Casemiro has a full agreement on four-year deal, option until 2027. Medical and then visa to be sorted during weekend.”


Twitter didn’t miss out on an opportunity to extol this Brazilian midfield sensation as Manchester United will now be posting the iconic Real Madrid trio that stars the likes of Ronaldo, Varane and Casemiro.



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