Senior Pakistan cricketers finally sign PCB’s central contract after being unhappy for weeks, but question of NOC for UAE T20 league remains

The salaries offered to Pakistan cricketers through PCB's central contract are not very high

Some of the senior Pakistan cricketers signed the central contracts offered to them by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) a few weeks ago, but it has been reported by ESPNcricinfo that the cricketers only put pen on paper after the board revisited and reconsidered a few clauses in the contracts which the cricketers were unhappy about.

Pakistan might not be a part of the Big 3 cricketing countries, but they are still a prominent cricketing nation because they have got a decent no. of domestic fans back home. However, their cricketers are among the lowest-paid cricketers in the world. While that has a lot to do with Pakistan’s economy and Pakistan not playing a lot of cricket at home, it has a little bit to do with the Pakistan cricket board as well.

The newest contracts that have been offered to the Pakistan cricketers are of two categories – red-ball contracts and white-ball contracts. The cricketers who have red ball contracts will be paid USD 4700 per month, while the ones with white ball contracts will be paid USD 4300 per month. The cricketers who are regulars in all three formats will have both red ball and white ball contracts and they will get a salary of USD 9000 per month, apart from the match fees.


This salary can be put into context if it’s compared to the salary of the Indian cricketers in the neighborhood. While BCCI doesn’t offer the Indian cricketers separate red and white ball contracts, they offer them contracts in grades. Indian cricketers in grade A+ fetch a salary of USD 73,000 per month, grade A fetches USD 52,000, grade B fetch USD 31,250, and grade C fetch USD 10,400.

All this money is apart from the IPL salaries of Indian cricketers which range in millions of USD. Cricketers like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Rishabh Pant, and Ravindra Jadeja fetch salaries of 2 million USD and more from their IPL contracts.

Pakistan cricketers are expected to have another meeting with PCB after Asia Cup 2022

While the senior Pakistan cricketers were unhappy about their salaries, what they were also unhappy about was PCB’s reluctance in offering them NOC for leagues like International League T20 (ILT20) in UAE, where the salaries on offer for top cricketers are USD 450,000.


While a lot of the issues are reportedly resolved, the cricketers are still expected to have a meeting with PCB after the Asia Cup on the issue of NOC for ILT20, where only one of the team owners (Glazer family) is offering them contracts, as rest of the owners are Indian corporates.


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