Rohit Sharma completes 450 international sixes in least innings, leaves Chris Gayle and Shahid Afridi behind

Rohit Sharma hit 5 sixes in the second T20I game against Blackcaps in Ranchi

Nobody has any doubts over the six-hitting capability of the Indian opener Rohit Sharma. No matter which format of the game he is playing, six hitting is always a big part of Rohit’s game. He is not just a clean six hitter, Rohit is also one of the most frequent six hitters in the history of international cricket.

The Indian T20I captain hit 5 sixes in the second T20I against New Zealand last night in Ranchi and completed his tally of 450 sixes in international cricket which is a mammoth achievement in itself, but when you see the number of innings taken by other players who have also hit 450 sixes in international cricket, Rohit is ahead of them all.

Apart from Rohit Sharma, Chris Gayle and Shahid Afridi are the other two players who have got more than 450 international sixes to their names, and they took far too many innings to get there as compared to Rohit. While Gayle needed a total of 487 international innings to complete his tally of 450 sixes, Afridi needed 499 innings. Rohit, on the other hand, has got there in just 404 innings.


Rohit Sharma has hit more sixes in ODI cricket than tests and T20Is

Out of 456 sixes that Rohit has hit in his international career, the most number of sixes has come in ODIs as he has hit 244 sixes in ODIs in 220 innings. Rohit’s frequency in terms of hitting sixes in test match cricket per innings is not too far behind either as he has hit 66 sixes in 74 innings, while in T20I cricket, he has sent the ball over the ropes 146 times in 110 innings.

The way Rohit’s career is going at the moment, he looks all set to play another 3-4 years for India in all formats of the game and there is no reason why he can’t finish his international career with more than 600 sixes to his name, which, if achieved, will be an unbelievable feat.



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