“No, we are not singing lullaby to a baby,” Babar Azam responds hilariously when asked if his players are singing rain, rain go away for India Vs Pakistan match

The weather forecast of Melbourne was not good till three days ago, but it has improved drastically now for India Vs Pakistan match

The weather has been one of the big talking points ahead of the India Vs Pakistan match in the ongoing T20 World Cup 2022 because three days ago, the forecast had predicted that there was about an 80% chance of rain in Melbourne during the course of the match.

The weather has improved drastically ever since and the chances of rain have significantly reduced from 80% to about 20-25% on Sunday evenings. Now, most weather experts are of the view that the full India Vs Pakistan match can take place without any hurdles.

The Pakistan skipper Babar Azam was still asked about the possible chances of a shower during the game and he was also asked if the whole Pakistani team was singing the rain song “rain, rain goes away”.


Babar had quite a hilarious response to that question, as he told the reporter that the Pakistani team was not singing a “lullaby to a baby”. Babar, however, stressed that since the match is much anticipated and the cricket fans from both countries want to see the full match, he would want that the rain indeed stays away for the full duration of the match.

The weather might hold up for the India Vs Pakistan match today

The whole of Australia has coped with quite a heavy rainfall this year and almost all the venues, apart from Perth, which have to host the initial matches of the T20 World Cup super 12 round, were forecasted to have spells of shower this week again, but the weather held up yesterday in Sydney for the first super 12 game between Australia and New Zealand and the improved forecast now suggests that it might hold up in Melbourne too for the India Vs Pakistan match.

The Indian team would be looking forward to this game as the last time they faced Pakistan in a T20 World Cup game in Dubai, they had faced a 10-wicket defeat. It was the first time ever that India lost to Pakistan in a World Cup match.



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