Next Move For Ronda Rousey After Leaving WWE Revealed

Ronda Rousey recently left WWE after defeat to Shayna Baszler in an MMA match-up at the WWE SummerSlam. It wasn’t exactly what MMA looks like but then WWE had their own stipulations and they had to adhere to them instead of bringing out an octagon and create rounds of five or three minutes each.

With all said and done, now that Rousey is gone, an obvious question is where is the ‘baddest’ woman on planet headed to next? What is on her mind and what is she planning to do?

The answer though will be similar to what she was doing for WWE and that is entertainment wrestling but not for the biggest entertainment brand in wrestling. However, this is going to be a meet and greet event for Rousey without any stamp of brands.


Here is what Ronda Rousey has informed about the meet and greet

As the reports go, Rousey will be doing the meet and greet in Glendale, California on August 26th. She will also be signing autographs on that day in Blu Sports Cards which is probably going to be a choc-a-bloc on the aforementioned day.

Rousey has already mentioned that she is scribing another memoir that will allow the fans to probably have a closer look at her fighting days, particularly UFC as it built her into the warrior that she is. However, chances are slim that Ronda may return to the octagon again but far as the inside reports state, she has an outside chance of coming back to WWE but not in the near future.

Speculations exist that Ronda may head to AEW as well but there have been no sounds coming either from Rousey or Tony Khan and the kind of fighter that Rousey is, at the moment, All Elite Wrestling hasn’t got a place for that gimmick. So may be in the distant dystopian future, Rousey may come back to WWE but for now, it’s all about the glam events.


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