“The Only Thing I Learned”- Cody Rhodes Gets Honest About Feelings After Losing To Roman Reigns At WWE WrestleMania 39

Cody Rhodes put up a roller-coaster ride against Brock Lesnar that finally saw him winning the final battle of the trilogy, settling the scores once and for all. In fact, the Beast Incarnate himself congratulated him on his victory against him which made it clear that the battle was worth every penny. But before the long saga with Brock began for the American Nightmare, he was beaten by Roman Reigns.


He was almost on the cusp of victory where he could have derailed Roman in the long-haul title run but fell just short of the line after the involvement of the Usos and Solo Sikoa. But then he did come out seeking for an opportunity when this entire sequence with Brock Lesnar began.

Here is what Cody Rhodes had to say about his defeat against Roman Reigns

It was in WrestleMania 39 that the American Nightmare challenged the Tribal Chief for the WWE Undisputed Universal championship. It was almost a cemented belief in the WWE roster that Roman’s title reign would come to an end at the hands of Cody.


However, much to the surprise of Cody and the other WWE fanatics, Roman’s belt still remained around his waist and this pestered the WWE fans. Rhodes opened up on his loss to Robbie Fox on an episode of My Mom’s Basement, stating,

“I was just sitting there [in the ring] with my hands draped across my knees and you can see me telling myself, I verbally told myself to get up. And the only thing I learned from being in a WrestleMania main event, I know everybody was like, ‘Oh my gosh, WrestleMania main event,’ ‘hardest match to get into,’ ‘Oh, your dad never did that,’ all that stuff.”



He further said that he learnt to get back up and get himself moving. He had to get back and ensure that he is moving with life. He even said that he tried to take a look at his fans and tell them that it was going to be absolutely fine. He confessed to having this strange, awkward feeling at WM 39 and wants it to be better at WM 40.

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