Most Hilarious Memes On Messi’s Departure From Barcelona

Messi’s departure: In a deafening move that has silenced the world in the flash of an eye, Lionel Messi has bid adieu to Barcelona. Despite things being assured that the Argentine God will stay at Camp Nou for the next summer, things have spiraled out of control in the dying embers and a 21-year old fairy tale has come to a sudden end.

Going by the reports of Barcelona’s official website, the contractual talks have failed between the Argentine skipper and Barcelona as the latter believes that amount demanded by Messi will lead to a breach of La Liga’s contractual obligations.

In a formal goodbye to the man who defined the league with his towering presence, the club website has quoted, “FC Barcelona wholeheartedly expresses its gratitude to the player for his contribution to the aggrandisement of the club and wishes him all the very best for the future in his personal and professional life.”


After a strained relationship in the preceding year with the club that sparked rumours of the diminutive genius wishing to leave Camp Nou, things seemed fairly settled.

Sadly, like an explosion, the entire world was consumed when the news of a 21-year old relationship between Messi and Barcelona coming to an end, hit the net.

Though the exact details are still not available, it is believed that exorbitant demands between Messi and the club is what led to this sudden hapless unfolding for the Catalans.


Messi being a free agent will spark interest from a lot of suitors but being candid, the salary that he fetched at Camp Nou, very few clubs in the world will be able to shell him out the same.

Twitter was left silenced with this explosive maneuver from the Argentine sensation and they left no stones unturned to lament the departure of Messi from Barcelona. With Ronaldo already gone, the renouncement of Messi from Barca can very well pronounce the doom for La Liga.

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