Mohammed Kaif picks up his best India XI for the upcoming World Test Championship Final 2023

In the sporting world, there’s a buzz building around the selection for the World Test Championship team. According to Mohammed Kaif, renowned cricketer and commentator, the ideal openers for the game should be Shubman Gill and Rohit Sharma. Their explosive starts have been celebrated in the cricket fraternity, and Kaif believes their ability to pile on the runs early is what the team needs.

Following the openers, Cheteshwar Pujara is favored to bat at number three. With his unparalleled experience at this crucial position, Pujara could be the perfect anchor. Not to mention, his record under pressure speaks volumes for his calm demeanour and steady batting.

The fourth spot in the line-up, Kaif suggests, should be occupied by Virat Kohli. Known for his aggressive gameplay and unparalleled captaincy, Kohli’s inclusion seems almost mandatory. His ability to steer the game single-handedly could serve as the pivot for the team’s batting strategy.


Next up is Ajinkya Rahane, making his much-anticipated return to the team. Regarded for his solid technique and unyielding character, Rahane has been missed in recent matches. His re-entry to the team, batting at number five, could offer the stability the middle order needs.

At number six, Kaif proposes a fresh approach. He recommends playing Ishan Kishan over KS Bharat. He argues that an attacking batsman like Kishan is required at this juncture in the line-up. Kishan could well play the aggressive role Rishabh Pant formerly performed, once the ball gets older.

Mohammed Kaif picks up his best India XI for the upcoming World Test Championship Final 2023

Moving down the order, Kaif sees Ravindra Jadeja claiming the seventh spot. Jadeja, with his exceptional all-rounder skills, could add a different dimension to the team’s strategy. He is a valuable asset with both bat and ball, and his fielding is second to none.



The eighth spot in the line-up comes with a condition. Kaif suggests either Ravichandran Ashwin or Shardul Thakur, depending on the pitch conditions. If the pitch leans towards spin, Ashwin, with his proven ability to torment left-handed batsmen, would be a fitting choice.

Rounding off the team, Kaif nominates three fast bowlers: Mohammed Shami, Mohammed Siraj, and Umesh Yadav. He points out that the English conditions in early June call for a trio of fast bowlers. The final bowler, at number eleven, would be Umesh Yadav. His pace and ability to generate swing could prove pivotal on the English pitches.


Lastly, Kaif includes a wildcard option. Depending on the forecast, either Jadeja and Ashwin or Shardul could step up to supplement the fast-bowling attack. This potential flexibility could offer the team tactical advantages and keep the opposition guessing.

Kaif’s proposed line-up highlights a balance of experience and fresh talent, with a keen eye on pitch conditions and gameplay strategy. Whether his vision will align with the actual selection remains to be seen, but his insight offers an exciting look at what could be a formidable line-up for the World Test Championship.


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