India and West Indies players get visas for two T20I matches in USA after intervention from president of Guyana

Only five Indian players had visas to travel to USA till the completion of the third T20I in St Kitts

It’s finally after the intervention of Guyana president that the players of India and West Indies got their visas to travel to USA for the last two games of the ongoing T20I series, which is currently being led 2-1 by India.

Only five of the Indian players had their USA visas till the completion of third T20I and all of them already reached Miami after the third game, but the remaining players then went to Georgetown which is the capital city of Guyana. The president of Guyana arranged appointments of the Indian players in the USA embassy of Guyana and after the interviews of the players were conducted, the visas were approved.

The entire Indian team has still not reached USA, but there are no obstacles in their travel now and they are likely to fly from Georgetown to Miami later today, for the 4th and the 5th T20I, both of which will be played in Florida.


Cricket West Indies had an immense challenge in front of them because of visa issue

Earlier, huge question marks were raised if the games could be played in USA at all and if the venue for the games would have to be shifted. Cricket West Indies (CWI) also had a decision to make about those five Indian players who already had the visas. A charter flight was booked for them and the decision had to be made if the charter flight should go to Miami in a scenario where the visa approval of the rest of the squad was uncertain.


But, CWI decided to not cancel the charter flight as it would have resulted in a significant financial loss. They rather consulted the government of Guyana to solve the visa issue for the other Indian players, which they were eventually able to solve and the matches are now cleared to take place in Florida. CWI would hope that there are no further obstacles related to the logistics of the two games.


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