“I would be back around RCB in next year’s IPL, but not sure in what capacity,” reveals AB de Villiers

If AB de Villiers wants to return to IPL as a player, he will have to go through mini auction

One of the greatest IPL and international batsmen of all time, AB de Villiers, has confirmed that he will be back around RCB in next year’s IPL, but he did not confirm in what capacity he would return, whether he would be a part of the coaching staff of RCB or he would return in the capacity of a player again.

AB de Villiers was in conversation with the presenter of VUsport earlier today where he confirmed he would return. It’s interesting that ABD has already declared that he will return around RCB because if by any chance, he wishes to return as a player, he will have to go through the auction and in the auction, every team will have the opportunity to buy him.

The former RCB skipper Virat Kohli, while speaking on the RCB podcast a few days ago, had also hinted that AB de Villiers might return, but he had also not clarified in what capacity ABD would be back.


It is speculated AB de Villiers might join RCB in the capacity of a mentor next year

There are speculations that RCB might appoint ABD as the mentor of the side. They would have probably done it this year itself, but because the COVID bubble was in place in this year’s IPL again, De Villiers decided to take a break from the tournament.

Next year, it is expected that there wouldn’t be any bio bubble and the teams would be traveling home and away frequently as was the case in the pre-COVID era and De Villiers might then take RCB’s offer of mentoring the side.

However, these are all speculations and ABD might decide to return as a player too, because he hasn’t clarified yet in what capacity he would be returning. Recently, AB de Villiers was also included in the hall of fame of RCB with the legendary opening batsman Chris Gayle.



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