“I am getting bored, why don’t you try something outrageous,” Ravi Shastri reveals interesting conversation with Rishabh Pant ahead of Ahmedabad test

Rishabh Pant had scored a match winning hundred against England at Ahmedabad last year

The former Indian coach Ravi Shastri, who is back to his commentary duties now after a successful stint with the Indian test match side, shared a very interesting story about Rishabh Pant yesterday when Pant was taking the attack to the England bowlers and was fascinating everyone with his batting at Edgbaston.

Ravi Shastri was on air with the former England batsman Mark Butcher when he recalled an incident of the test series against England at home last year. Shastri revealed that Rishabh Pant had thrown his wicket away a couple of times before the Ahmedabad test and he, as a coach, had a very interesting conversation with him before the 4th test match.

According to Shastri, he told Pant that he was getting bored watching him throw his wicket away playing the same shot again and again. So, how about trying something different, something even more outrageous than he had tried before?


Shastri said just as Pant heard that, there was a spark in his eyes as if he was happy that he was being given the license to try even more outrageous things on the ground. What he did after that was indeed outrageous, as he actually reverse swept James Anderson for a four in a test match, and that too when Anderson was bowling with a new ball.

Rishabh Pant tried a reverse sweep against James Anderson again at Edgbaston yesterday

Ravi Shastri shared that story after Pant tried the reverse sweep against Anderson again at Edgbaston yesterday. It didn’t go for a four this time around, but Pant was still able to get the ball over the slip cordon for a couple of runs and then immediately off the next ball, he went for a sweep shot.

Everyone watching the game was just awestruck by the approach of the young left-hander. Anderson might not be the quickest bowler around, but he still bowls over 80 mph and is definitely not slow enough to be treated like that in a test match.



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