“How is this a lucky one?” Sikandar Raza fumes as Australian commentator calls Maxwell’s wicket off Ryan Burl a lucky wicket

Zimbabwe secured their first ODI victory over Australia in Australia yesterday as they beat them by 3 wickets

The Zimbabwean allrounder Sikandar Raza was quite surprised to find out on Twitter that the Aussie commentators called the wicket of Glenn Maxwell which fell off the bowling of Ryan Burl in the third ODI between Australia and Zimbabwe a “lucky wicket”.


Zimbabwe beat Australia for the first time ever on the Australian turf in an ODI game yesterday and the part-time leg spinner Ryan Burl played a big role in that, as he got a 5-wicket haul in just 3 overs that he bowled. One of the massive wickets Burl got right at the start of his spell was that of Maxwell.

And, it was a delivery where Burl seemed to beat Maxwell in the air. The ball dipped onto the batsman who was through his shot early. Maxwell closed the face of the bat before the ball got to him, which ended up in a leading-edge up in the air towards short extra cover. The bowler himself ran and took the catch.


The commentators on air at that time sarcastically said that it was an incredibly lucky wicket for Burl and Burl would himself know it. After the game ended, Sikandar Raza shared that clip on Twitter and asked his followers how could such a wicket be a lucky one.

Sikandar Raza has been one of the most consistent Zimbabwe players in last one year

Zimbabwe has been playing some very decent cricket in recent times and the result that they achieved against a big team like Australia yesterday might go a long way in building their confidence for some of the upcoming bigger stuff, including the T20 World Cup which will take place in Australia itself.


Sikandar Raza has been one of those few Zimbabwean players who have been very consistent in the last year or so and even in the last series against India, Raza scored a hundred in the third ODI.


I write a bit on cricket and I am more interested in technical and tactical side of the game, rather than bravado.

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