Five wittiest replies of Virender Sehwag

Virender Sehwag was a unique cricketer when he was playing the game. He always batted in his own way and never cared about the reputation of the bowlers when he was on a roll. Pretty much like his batting, Sehwag was uniquely upfront and witty in his press conferences as well.


Here are the 5 wittiest replies of Virender Sehwag –

#1 Sehwag on difference between him and Sachin Tendulkar


Sehwag resembled the batting style of Sachin when he first burst onto the scene and many people called him the “clone” of Sachin.

Once in a press conference, when a reporter asked Sehwag how he was different from Sachin, Sehwag said the biggest difference between him and Sachin was the “bank balance”.

#2 Sehwag on Geoffrey Boycott


Once the former England batsman Geoffrey Boycott was analyzing Sehwag’s batting and he said although Sehwag is oozing with talent, the problem with him is that he is brainless with the way he goes about his batting.

When a reporter told Sehwag about Boycott’s comment, Viru said, Boycott can say what he wants. He once batted the whole day and hit just one four”.

Boycott had a completely different game as compared to Sehwag as he used to bat with a lot of patience, while Sehwag used to go after the bowlers.


#3 Sehwag on his efficiency against World class bowlers

Sehwag never gave any special treatment to any particular bowler. He would treat the experienced bowlers the same way as he would treat any youngster. He was looking to smash everyone to all corners.

Once when he was asked how he would smash the world-class bowlers with so much ease, the former Indian opener said, “I don’t hit the bowler, I hit the ball”.


#4 Sehwag’s unique way to handle Abdul Razzaq’s reverse swing

Once Sehwag was playing county cricket and was representing Leicestershire. The former Pakistani all-rounder Abdul Razzaq was playing for the opponent team and was reverse-swinging the ball quite a bit.

Sehwag and his batting partner Jeremy Snape were finding it difficult to handle Razzaq. So, Sehwag found a different way to deal with it.


He told Snape that they would have to take this reverse-swinging ball out of the game altogether and on the next ball that he faced from Razzaq, Sehwag deposited it outside the stadium.

As the umpires called for a new ball after that mammoth six, Sehwag went to Snape and said, “We are alright for an hour now”.

#5 Sehwag on missing his double hundred at MCG


Sehwag, during the Boxing Day Test match between India and Australia in 2003, was batting at an individual score of 195 on the very first day of the game and could have easily completed his double hundred if he had batted with a sedate approach for a few minutes.

But, Sehwag decided to go with his natural instincts and tried to hit Simon Katich over mid-wicket, but for once, he mistimed the shot and was holed out in the deep.

When a reporter asked Sehwag he could have completed his double hundred if he had not gone for an aerial shot, Sehwag said, “I missed the six by just three yards”.



I write a bit on cricket and I am more interested in technical and tactical side of the game, rather than bravado.

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