Dominik Mysterio Addresses WWE Release of Mustafa Ali Ahead of Their Title Match

WWE’s latest spate of announcements has shocked the wrestling community, keeping both fans and superstars in the dark. One of the first wrestlers to announce his departure was Mustafa Ali, who was scheduled to challenge Dominik Mysterio for the NXT North American Championship at the upcoming No Mercy premium live event. Dominik Mysterio, also known as Dirty Dom, recently commented on this unfortunate turn of events.

During an interview with Baby Huey on the In The Kliq podcast, Dominik Mysterio expressed his thoughts on the situation. He acknowledged the talent of the released superstars and described it as an unfortunate circumstance that they had to go through. He also emphasised that they had no control over such things and that all they could do was try their hardest.

Regarding the NXT No Mercy event, Dominik Mysterio revealed that he was unsure who his new opponent would be due to Mustafa Ali’s release. He stated, “Yeah, you know, it’s a very unfortunate situation that very talented people have to go through situations like this. At the end of the day, it’s out of our control. We just do whatever we can to put our best foot forward. But as far as No Mercy goes, I’m just gonna have to wait and see who my opponent will be.”


WWE is expected to address the situation in the coming episode of RAW, where Dominik Mysterio is scheduled to defend his NXT North American Title against Dragon Lee. It’s unclear whether the match will go on as scheduled or if WWE has Dominik Mysterio facing up against another opponent.

Full list of WWE Superstars who got released on September 21, 2023

Numerous superstars have been impacted by the most recent WWE releases, including well-known figures like Dolph Ziggler, Shelton Benjamin, and Matt Riddle. 

The complete list of superstars released on September 21st and beyond includes:

  •  Mustafa Ali
  •  Emma
  •  Aliyah
  •  Rick Boogs
  •  Elias
  •  Riddick Moss
  •  Top Dolla
  •  Shelton Benjamin
  •  Dolph Ziggler
  •  Mace
  •  Mansoor
  •  Quincy Elliott
  •  Dana Brooke
  •  Shanky
  •  Bryson Montana
  •  Yulisa Leon
  •  Kevin Ventura-Cortes
  •  Brooklyn Barlow
  •  Alexis Gray
  •  Commander Azeez (Dabba-Kato)
  •  Daniel McArthur
  •  Ikemen Jiro
  •  Matt Riddle

These unexpected departures have left the WWE landscape in a state of flux, and fans are eagerly awaiting updates on how the company will adapt to these changes.

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