3 Superstars who can defeat Becky Lynch for NXT Women’s Championship

It was a topsy turvy battle in WWE NXT between the emerging star, Tiffany Stratton and Becky Lynch following which, the Man lifted the NXT championship that instantly added a layer of honour to the gold. Now with someone as top tier as Becky clinching the belt, it means that the following ones to actually come knocking on the doors of the belt will have a greater purpose to go for the title.

The most obvious question is who then remains next in line to take on Becky? Given the fact that Becky will be continuing her run for the WWE main roster, hence her glistening run in the NXT will obviously be cut short and believe this or not, she must bite the bullet against a fellow NXT star which somehow doesn’t look great for her laurels but when she said that she was ready to lift the championship, she knew the perils already.

Here are three superstars who can challenge and defeat Becky for the NXT Women’s championship.


#1 Tiffany Stratton can beat Becky Lynch for WWE NXT Championship

Believe this or not, but Tiffany Straton would obviously come back looking for her belt and she is someone who doesn’t take defeats pretty likely.

Also, this will be brilliant opportunity for WWE to simply showcase the rise of Stratton through the echelons and may also serve as a reminder about the fact that her debut may be very close.

#2 Jade Cargill can beat Becky Lynch for WWE NXT Championship

Talk about the AEW star making her WWE debut, with the industry caught on the precipice of whether to hand over a debut for the main roster or to give her a start in NXT, whatever the option, it should be blockbuster enough.



Now, if the main roster is still not ready for Cargill and with the WWE fans lusting for her debut, this may be the perfect start for her as WWE may allow to sneak up against Becky and clinch the title.

#3 Roxanne Perez

Trained by Booker T, Daga and Sara Amato, Roxanne Perez has been pulling off a fine job of hitting the right yards in the ring and believe this or not, she can very well be the destroyer that WWE has been looking for in their Women’s section. To make things right and give her the path to rise to glory, Roxanne Perez may just be handed over an opportunity to beat the Becky Lynch.


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