Dates of IPL and PSL might directly clash in 2025 as ICC’s future tour programme schedules Champions trophy at the same time as PSL

ICC Champions Trophy of 2025, which is to be held in Pakistan, has been scheduled at a time when PSL generally takes place

Generally no league in the world wants to schedule its games during April and May as it’s the time when the Indian Premier League (IPL) kicks off and IPL is the most watched cricket tournament in the world, with most of the world’s biggest cricketing superstars featuring in it, but ICC’s future tour programme (FTP) has created a scenario where the dates of the matches of Pakistan Super League (PSL) might directly clash with the dates of IPL in 2025.

This situation has emerged because Pakistan has to organise the ICC Champions trophy on its turf in 2025 and the Champions trophy has been scheduled exactly at the time when PSL takes place every year. Since the dates of Champions trophy can’t be reshuffled anymore, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) will have to reshuffle the dates of PSL.

The only time in the calendar when the PCB can organise the PSL is straight after the Champions trophy because the Pakistani players don’t feature in the IPL and they will be available to take part in the PSL at the time the IPL goes on.



ICC’s future tour programme has not left any space for PCB to organise PSL in 2025

According to ICC’s future tour programme, Pakistan has bilateral international games to play in the second half of the year in 2025 and their players might also play in the other leagues which take place in the other parts of the world. So, the only time when all the big Pakistani players will be available to take part in the PSL will be during the IPL.

For PSL to have its dates clashing with the IPL might be damaging because IPL grabs a lot of eyeballs and media attention around the world and that’s why PCB avoided such a scenario earlier this year too. Even this year, the dates could have clashed, but it was adjusted to ensure PSL got concluded before the IPL started. However, it might be unavoidable in 2025 because of the Champions trophy.



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