2 coaches who are Head Coaches in 4 T20 Leagues right now

The rise in T20 Leagues is a big mirror to the way the game is seen at the moment. With the rise in such leagues, cricketers are getting several opportunities to showcase their skills and also secure their financial futures. Some of the ex-cricketers are also getting a chance to be good coaches. Players take part in multiple leagues throughout the year. The same happens with coaches too. Almost every month there is a T20 league happening. Hence, we have some of them becoming a Head Coach in different tournaments. Here, we take a look at the list of two coaches who are Head Coaches in 4 T20 Leagues right now.

1) Phil Simmons – MLC, PSL, ILT20, CPL

ICC T20 World Cup is the pinnacle of T20 cricket. It is tough to win a tournament involving so many good teams, especially in such a volatile format. West Indies has won two T20 World Cups till now. In fact, that nation was one of the first dominant teams in this format. Simmons had a crucial role to play here.

Simmons has jobs across various continents. He has been finding success, as well. It is not long before he gets a gig in the IPL, which is the best T20 League right now.


2) Stephen Fleming – IPL, SA20, The Hundred, MLC

Stephen Fleming is one of the coaches who are Head Coaches in 4 T20 Leagues right now. He is one of the most accomplished coaches in the format. A few nations have also been looking at him for a while now. However, Fleming is continuing his act in the T20 leagues.

Three of his jobs are for the teams owned by the Chennai Super Kings’ owners. He does work for them in South Africa and the USA, too. Additionaly, the former Kiwi skipper has an assignment in the Hundred, as well.


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