Cody Rhodes To UFC? The American Nightmare Makes An Interesting Comment

Cody Rhodes, the renowned professional wrestler, opened up about a pivotal moment in his career two years ago. The revelation, made during an ESPN exclusive, sheds light on a fascinating chapter that, until now, remained largely veiled from the public eye.

During the candid interview, Cody Rhodes surprised many by revisiting a thought he had contemplated two years prior – a thought that had the potential to reshape the trajectory of his career. The topic under scrutiny was none other than the prospect of Cody delving into Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training, with the audacious goal of stepping into the UFC Octagon.

Rhodes, when probed about the origins of this intriguing idea, remained uncertain. However, he injected a touch of humor into the conversation, revealing that he was “hoping for a significant financial gain.” This candid admission added a layer of complexity to his contemplation, raising questions about the financial incentives that may have fueled his consideration.


AEW Affiliation and Tony Khan’s Role: Unraveling the Mystery

Two years ago, news circulated that Cody Rhodes was still affiliated with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). This piece of information adds an interesting dimension to his MMA contemplation, as it begs the question of how such a significant decision aligns with his commitments in the world of professional wrestling. The involvement of Tony Khan, the prominent figure in AEW, in Cody’s decision to explore MMA remains shrouded in mystery. The intricate web of professional wrestling commitments, coupled with the potential transition to a career in MMA, creates an intriguing narrative that captivates fans and enthusiasts alike.

The Desire for Challenge: Cody’s Ideal MMA Opponent

When asked about his ideal opponent in the world of MMA, Cody Rhodes showcased his competitive spirit by expressing a desire for the UFC to present him with the most challenging adversary imaginable.

This ambitious stance adds an element of anticipation, leaving fans pondering who could stand as the ultimate test for the accomplished professional wrestler.



In a surprising turn, Cody hinted that he would expect to receive a complimentary item in advance from the UFC. This revelation, while lighthearted, introduces an element of negotiation and expectation in the hypothetical scenario of Cody stepping into the MMA arena.

Brandi’s Firm Stance: The Reality Check for Cody Rhodes

While Cody Rhodes entertained the idea of an MMA career, his wife Brandi’s perspective provided a stark contrast. According to the interview, Brandi firmly asserted that Cody would not be participating in any real fights in the near future. This assertion adds a layer of reality to the narrative, grounding the speculative nature of Cody’s MMA contemplation.

As Cody Rhodes remains uncertain about the origin of his MMA contemplation, fans are left with unanswered questions. The two-year-old consideration, although a remarkable point in his career, leaves open the possibilities of uncharted destinies. Will Cody, at some point, decide to step into the MMA world, or will this remain a fascinating chapter in the annals of his career?


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