WWE SummerSlam 2023: What Is MMA Rules Match? Full List Of Rules

Well, in another first, WWE would be witnessing a crazy MMA Rules Match that would see two former MMA superstars going head on against each other for the crucial prize of pride between Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler.

Well, for folks who doesn’t understand what MMA is, it stands for mixed-martial art that is a blended form of fighting featuring kickboxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu and grappling. A bit of Muay Thai can also be a part of this battle.

But then obviously one of the most predominant questions that reign supreme is what the rules of an MMA match and WWE has probably laid it all down on stone that would decide the fate of the two fiercest Divas in the biggest festival of Summer.


#1 Do’s and don’ts of an MMA Rules match

You can use all sorts of fighting technique including the elbow that is rarely seen in WWE except for Seth Rollins’ spinning one which is once again not really executed with momentum. However, bringing down the elbow from a 12’o clock angle isn’t exactly allowed.

The other don’ts includes no strikes to the groin, eye gouging, biting, grabbing, manipulating fingers, head butts, striking the back of the head, attacking orifices.

#2 Result

Like a traditional WWE match, this battle would not be won via pinfall or submission. The ways to win an MMA match is either TKO (technical knockout), submission, unanimous decision and forfeit.


#3 Duration

WWE is still to confirm the duration of the match, but this doesn’t continue relentlessly as the battle can either be of three rounds fought for five minutes each or five rounds of three minutes each. There will be breaks in between which also needs to be decided by the authority. The battle will be fought in the Octagon or a cage.

Here is a quick disclaimer though, the WWE MMA match may vary from an actual MMA battle due to the former being a wrestling entertainment company.


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