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BCCI To Remove Players From IPL 2022 Without Replacement If They Breach Bio-Bubble 3 Times

The 2021 edition of the Indian Premier League was the first one in IPL history to be suspended midway because of a COVID-19 outbreak inside the bio-bubble. To ensure that no such things happen in IPL 2022, BCCI has made strict rules for the players.


The bio-bubbles have kept the players away from the virus on most occasions, but there have been incidents of the bio-bubble breach that allows the entry of COVID-19. To avoid such a scenario in IPL 2022, BCCI has announced punishments for the players who breach the bio-bubble themselves or it is breached by their family members.

If a player breaches the bio-bubble for the first time, he will be quarantined for seven days. He will be fined 100 percent match fees of the games that he will miss. Upon the second offense, he will have to re-quarantine. On top of that, he will receive a one-match suspension without pay.


And in case a player breaches the bio-bubble for the third time, the BCCI will remove him from the IPL squad and will not allow the franchisee to sign a replacement for him.

BCCI has made strict rules for both players as well as franchise officials ahead of the IPL 2022 season

Apart from the players, there are also strict rules for the franchises this year. If the franchise willfully allows any member to contact with a player or coach in the bio-bubble without fulfilling the Health & Safety Protocols of IPL 2022, the franchise will have to pay INR 1 crore fine.

Upon the second offense, the franchise will lose one point in the standings, and upon third offence, there will be a deduction of two points. Another fine introduced by the board is for missing COVID tests. Regular COVID tests will be conducted inside the bio-bubble, and if anyone misses it, it will attract a fine of INR 75,000.



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