‘Things are going to get simpler for Kohli’-Aakash Chopra reveals what role Virat Kohli will have going forward

Aakash Chopra, who played for India before, thinks that the 2022 Asia Cup might end up being a gift in disguise for ace batter Virat Kohli.

The 33-year-old player, who has been having trouble scoring runs as of late, was benched for the whole of the West Indies trip. Chopra believes that there would not be any pressure on the former Indian captain to score a lot of runs even though he has been recalled to the Indian team for the Asia Cup.

What did Aakash Chopra say about Virat Kohli?

The former opening batsman believes that the Men in Blue’s new style of aggressive cricket can get the greatest performance out of Kohli. The following is what Aakash Chopra had to say about the role that Virat Kohli plays in this Indian team while he was speaking to Star Sports after the roster was announced:


“It makes no difference if Kohli gets a score of 40 or 70 since everyone has a part to play in this scenario. Every member of the team contributes to the team dynamic; it doesn’t matter what position player bats in, you always give it your all. If that is the way of thinking, then things are going to be a lot simpler for Kohli.”

Chopra added: “It’s the ideal way to start things off. Due to the nature of the cricket that India is playing at the time, the squad does not anticipate that Kohli will score 70 or 100 runs or finish the game. You don’t need to do anything more than come and play your, that’s more than enough.”

Kohli will make his comeback in the Asia Cup 2022

Aakash Chopra further emphasized the fact that the current Indian Twenty20 International concept places more emphasis on the team reaching a high score than it does on individual achievements. He thinks that the batters will go for the opportunity to cash in and take further risks without regard to the safety of their wicket if there is a potential for them to profit from it.


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