‘Messi’s Chapter Isn’t Closed’-Joan Laporta Delivers A Verdict On Whether Lionel Messi Will Return To FC Barcelona

Barcelona Transfer News: Lionel Messi may one day return to play for Barcelona, according to Joan Laporta, the president of the club

Barcelona Transfer News: Lionel Messi’s “chapter” at Barcelona is still “not ended,’ according to Joan Laporta, the president of the club, who was speaking to ESPN. This statement lends credence to the possibility that the Argentine icon may one day play at Camp Nou again.

When Barcelona announced a year ago that they would not be able to extend Lionel Messi’s contract, the news sent shockwaves through the whole footballing community. After spending 21 years with the Blaugrana, the player, now 35 years old, decided to leave the club and sign a contract with Paris Saint-Germain for two years with an extension option for another year.

Messi got off to a sluggish start in his new life in Paris, but he ultimately regained his footing in the second part of the season, which contributed to Paris Saint-Germain’s run in Ligue 1 last year. However, since he parted ways with the club, rumours have circulated that he may one day return to Barcelona.


Laporta has indicated in the past that such an operation is not on the club’s agenda at the moment, but he has recently suggested that Messi’s chapter at Barcelona is not quite done yet.

What did Joan Laporta say?

Laporta said that Messi was indispensable to the team. “He has been one of the most important players for Barcelona, and he is also one of the most effective. In my opinion, the only player who can be compared to him is Johan Cruyff. But the inevitable has to take place at some point. Because of what we took over, we were faced with a choice that needed to be made. The institution is responsible for the players as well as the coaches.

I would really want to believe that the Messi chapter isn’t closed. My opinion is that it is our duty to make an effort to find a time to correct that chapter, which is still open and hasn’t concluded yet, so that it turns out the way it should have and that it has a more beautiful conclusion,” said Joan Laporta.


The leader of the Catalan club continued by saying, “As president of Barcelona, I did what I had to do. But not just in my capacity as president of Barca, but also on a more personal level, I believe that I owe him.”

When they tried to keep Messi under contract last season but were unsuccessful, the Blaugrana were in worse financial condition than they are now. And since the seven-time winner of the Ballon d’Or is in the penultimate year of his contract with PSG, there is a possibility that he may make an unexpected return to Barcelona in the summer of the following year.


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