B-Fab Facts: All You Need To Know About WWE Hit Row Member

B-Fab made her return to WWE with Hit Row on this week’s SmackDown. The group was released by WWE in November 2021. However with Triple H back in charge, the group was brought back to the company. B-Fab currently acts as a valet for Hit Row.

But who is B-Fab? The talented valet is an integral part of Hit Row. So much so, that the group’s presentation was visibly affected after her early release. However not much is known about her. Today we take a look at the newest addition to WWE SmackDown’s roster.

1. Height

B-Fab is billed at 5 ft 9 (or 175 cm). She is one of the tallest female Superstars on the WWE roster at the moment.

2. B-Fab: List of Championship wins

B-Fab is yet to win a title in WWE. She didn’t win any title there. After being called up to the main-roster, she was released very soon. Thus she failed to make any impact whatsoever on the woman’s division.


With the group making their return, we can only hope that she gets to showcase her wrestling prowess fairly. It will be interesting to see how it pans out for her. The women’s title scenes on both brands are currently populated with women far more talented than the newbie.

3. Real name

B-Fab’s real name is Briana Brandy. She hails from Canton, Ohio. It will be interesting to see if she wrestles under her real name one day.

4. Career before WWE

Briana Brandy was making music before joining WWE. She has numerous singles to her name. She has toured with Soulja Boy and Jadakiss.Β  B-Fab has also worked with artists like Juicy J, Ying Yang Twins, and Kurupt.


B-Fab didn’t have any wrestling experience before joining WWE. She is a product of WWE Performance Centre. Despite her wrestling inexperience, her athletic background cannot be ignored. She worked as a boxing coach, is trained in Ninjutsu and is involved in Cross-Fit. She started wrestling in 2019, and was performing on NXT by the year 2020.

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