​3 Superstars who can retire Edge in WWE

Edge has already arrived in his twilight and it would be intriguing to see that how would he bow out of the ring. As the WWE Universe has already started mentioning that the stepping down of Randy Orton, John Cena and Edge would mark the end of a fine era like the triptych of Triple H, HBK and the Taker.

However, given the fact that Edge is another humongous name in the WWE ring, it would obviously need some dismantling to do and it has to be someone of rising stature or someone who has been in the roster for a while, can be the only ones to give him a farewell, or else it won’t be befitting for a legend of Edge’s stature who is a Hall of Famer. Here are three names that can retire Edge.

#1 Gunther

Gunther is one of the finest talents in the WWE roster and will probably be one of the rising talents who can completely flip the industry with his own brand of wrestling. If he is the one who eventually retires the R-Rated superstar, then that would be a befitting end to what has been a glistening career for Edge, the man who has been probably dominating the sector like none other.


#2 Brock Lesnar

Once again, given the fact that Brock Lesnar hasn’t been a part of the main storylines, makes him a perfect contender to take on Edge. Of course, we have seen him finishing the streak, hence, he may probably be playing the fitting end to Edge’s prolonged career. On top of that the combat of a German Suplex and a Spear makes a befittingly resonating battle to savour.

#3 Randy Orton

Well, it can be a double farewell battle where the Viper may go head on against the R-Rated superstar and both of them can go head on against each other, laying waste to each other with probably one of the fiercest battle of all times. Imagine Edge going forward with a spear and Randy turns it into a RKO out of no where.


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