“A good chef knows what to show and what not to,” Pragyan Ojha posts a cryptic tweet after Virat Kohli’s press conference

Pragyan Ojha is involved with the administration and running of the IPL

Pragyan Ojha, who is one of the members of the IPL governing council, has posted a cryptic tweet after a controversy erupted in Indian cricket yesterday with the sitting Indian test captain Virat Kohli speaking in complete contradiction to the BCCI president Sourav Ganguly.

Virat Kohli called the statements that have been put out in relation to his removal from ODI captaincy as “inaccurate” and said that the board never conveyed to him that they wanted him to continue as T20I captain, which is something that BCCI president Sourav Ganguly had said only a couple of days ago.

With the Indian test captain and the BCCI president saying two completely different things, the question now is whose version of the story should people believe because it’s about the two most powerful people in Indian cricket at the moment.


Kohli flew to South Africa today with the Indian test team, but the controversy continues as BCCI has neither addressed a press conference yet nor released a statement to issue any sort of clarification over the comments made by the Indian captain.

Pragyan Ojha, in his cryptic tweet yesterday, talked about the job profile of a chef and wrote that a good chef must know what to show and what not to because if he shows more than what’s required, he might hamper the reputation of the entire kitchen itself.

It was not hard to guess Ojha was hinting towards Ganguly-Kohli fiasco and like most of the other administrators, he was also not happy with the fact that Kohli openly contradicted the words of the BCCI president in a press conference, putting the reputation of the organization on the line.



Pragyan Ojha and Virat Kohli have been teammates in the past

Pragyan Ojha is actually someone who played a fair bit of test match cricket with Virat Kohli himself when MS Dhoni was the captain of team India. Later, he lost his place in the Indian test team on the back of the poor form and a few issues related to his bowling action as well.

The highlight of Ojha’s test career was his last wicket partnership with VVS Laxman in the Mohali test match against Australia in 2010, where India won the game from an almost impossible situation. Ojha was also the man of the match in Sachin Tendulkar’s 200th test match, which was played at the Wankhede Stadium between India and the West Indies in 2013.




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