7 Worst Wrestling Matches Of 2023 Revealed Ft. Ronda Rousey Vs Shayna Baszler

As 2023 is heading to an end, now is the time to figure out what are the possible bests and the worsts of the year. When it comes to entertainment wrestling, it is a potpourri of all the emotions laced with the good and the bad of the industry. With that being said, here’s our attempt to rate the ten worst matches of the year.

The matches ranked are purely subjective. You may have liked the fights and it may not go according to your wish but once again if there is a particular match or may be matches that you would like to add to this list, the comment box is always open.

#1 Ronda Rousey vs Shayna Baszler (WWE Summerslam)

Let’s face facts. Trying to host an MMA match with no proper arrangements, it is always going to be a disaster. That is exactly what happened between two very clumsy superstars who couldn’t show the audience what MMA looks like.



#2 Bully Ray vs Tommy Dreamer (IMPACT Wrestling Sacrifice 2023)

Well has this match been fought out back in the 2000s and the fans would have gone gaga with two ECW superstars duking it out. But then let’s face it. It’s 2003 and there is no reprieve from the fact that people are least bothered about ECW stars hitting the ring again unless Austin is coming to save them.

#3 Bayley vs Shotzi (WWE Smackdown – 1st September)

Have you ever seen two amateur wrestling grinding at each other? The storyline being completely flawed. If you haven’t, do go back and see this match and you would know what it looks like and how bad it looks like.

#4 Bianca Belair vs Sonya Deville (WWE Raw – 23rd January)

Deville’s imposing wrestling flair got eclipsed to storytelling and the kind of wrestling that followed suit in the following day fixture was bad, to say the least. Also, wrestling took a back seat, in fact a non-existent one.


#5 Hikaru Shida vs Ruby Soho (AEW Dynamite -25th October)

Well, there was a reason why WWE let go of Ruby Soho. Not that she was a bad wrestler but there are times when her matches kind of reminds us all why this decision was made. Well, Hikaru Shida and Ruby Soho gave us a match that we will never forget for how bad it was.

#6 Britt Baker vs Taya Valkyrie (AEW Dynamite – 26th July)

Britt has received a lot of online hate and this match is probably a reminder of why she has not been one of those grapplers who has been liked well enough amongst the social media personalities. Her wrestling contest with Taya is another reminder why she hasn’t been making it big.

#7 Baron Corbin vs Gable Stevenson (WWE NXT – The Great American Bash – 30th July)

Gable Stevenson had his roots in the Olympic and despite the unbridled success of Kurt Angle, for Stevenson it has been an agonizing ride. His pro wrestling skills feels like a kid walking out in the middle. This match-up against Baron Corbin was just another testimony to the same.


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