3 reasons why Cody Rhodes Is Daniel Bryan 2.0

Daniel Bryan made history in WrestleMania by bringing the crowd together and then beating Triple H and Batista on the same night to lift the World Heavyweight Championship. This is still listed as the biggest moment of WrestleMania. And now it feels like Cody Rhodes is exactly at the same juncture as Daniel Bryan with different oppositions.

At the moment, Cody still has a long way to go. There are so many obstacles to take care of and most importantly, there is the duo of the Rock and Roman Reigns to brave.


Guess what they are flanked with Solo Sikoa the Enforcer. It doesn’t get better than that. Here are three reasons why Cody Rhodes is standing at the same juncture where Bryan stood years ago.

#1 Force of a single man against the entire Bloodline

If we talk about the Bloodline, then there is no stopping them. They are a family of iconic grapplers and they will not stop unless the job is done. They will keep on fighting. They will keep on rocking the shores and eventually land a physical assault on you. However, Cody has withstood it all and they will not relent unless the job is done. Cody’s American Dream is now the American Nightmare and he is willing to put it all on the line.

#2 Promos of Cody Rhodes involve the audience like Daniel Bryan did

Cody’s promos are gripping and it leaves the fans in utter emotions. They know that they are putting their hero on the pedestal and that is the stuff that makes Cody. He can make people talk to him through his promos. More importantly, he doesn’t hold back in terms of promos. He will go at you like he went at the Bloodline and the Rock.


#3 The odds are stacking up

There is no way that the odds are going to be regular. There is no way that the odds will be simple. Cody will have to walk through a night riddled with nightmares to eventually reach the mount, a story that Daniel Bryan has already lived. So accept it or hate it, but the son of Dusty is coming for the greatest moment in the history of entertainment wrestling.


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