How CM Punk reacted to his promo time being cut on Monday Night Raw after Survivor Series

It was an absolute treat for the WWE fans when CM Punk’s music hit after the WWE Survivor Series. His return to the industry made many fans happy and also a few unpleasant faces were seen in the corner too. Well, given the polarising figure that he is, CM Punk has always divided audience.

However, the real juice was when he held the mic for the first time in a decade as his pipebombs that made him famous turned into a more direct approach. However, much to Punk’s woes, his promo time was cut short on Monday Night Raw which definitely would have forced a reaction. Now knowing Punk, he doesn’t take to these decisions lightly. He makes a serious issue of this entire mess.

For the ones that didn’t know that why this di happen in the first place was because Randy Orton’s battle with Dominik Mysterio went forward for a longer period of time than anticipated. Given the closing time of the show in which it needs to be wrapped, Punk was asked to reduce his promo.


Here is what CM Punk had to say about his promo time being cut

Well, as per reports, Punk was completely fine with his show time being cut. There wasn’t a producer listed for Punk’s promo and as per the reports of the Fightful Select, Punk’s positive note seemed pretty fine with the audience even though they were gunning for a much more razor sharp speech.

One line from Punk when the camera was in the closing shot zooming out of him included him saying, “I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to make money” kind of stole the show for the Straight Edge Superstar. There was also another faction that believed that Punk could have made allusions to his former company AEW which also happens to be WWE’s direct rival. However, such rumours were snubbed.

Punk’s had a line that said ‘everyone is happy now that I am here’ seemed kind of an arrogant response to the ones who never liked him. In fact, such was the response of him hitting the ring, there was Seth who wanted to fight him straightaway with a call-out to his fans on Monday Night Raw while Drew McIntyre walking out of the ring pretty angry.


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